Diamante describes a key moment in the life of Ezequiel, the end of childhood and the beginning of adolescence.

Ezequiel lives on the banks of the Paraná River. He grows up in a fisher village and lives a lonely childhood, aware of his surroundings, close to his mother and sisters. He wants to be a fisherman, and learns by observing his father and grandfather, who teach him how to fish and to hunt. He grows up, along with the changes that take place in nature, from the damp cold to the heat on the riverside, surrounded by mosquitoes, vegetation and animals that are born and die on the islands. Life and death joined together in spaces where the camera follows Ezequel in his initiation journey, leaving his childhood behind to become a young man.

Diamante is an observational documentary, a portrait of the past, a regard upon time and what we leave behind us.